Special exhibition commemorating POSCO E&C’s 30th anniversary
2024 ARCHISCULPTURE: ‘Systematic order without limits’
organised by The TRINITY and POSCO E&C

18 July – 25 September 2024
Venue: THE SHARP Gallery, 661-1 Jagok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


ARCHISCULPTURE 077 was produced to commemorate the 30th anniversary of POSCO E&C.
It is a collage of buildings constructed by POSCO E&C. After photographing buildings located across the country from Songdo, Incheon, where POSCO E&C’s Songdo office is located, to Seoul, Pohang, Busan, and Seogwipo, these were combined to create a shape that symbolizing a powerful leap forward. In particular, ‘Space Walk’, located at the top of ARCHISCULPTURE, is Korea’s largest experiential steel sculpture planned, produced, installed, and donated to Pohang citizens by POSCO E&C. Through this, POSCO E&C clearly demonstrates the high level of construction capabilities it has accumulated since its founding.


In addition, ARCHISCULPTURE 077 is a new series of ARCHISCULPTURE with the subtitle ‘Object’, and is a unique work of art that includes sculptures created by the artist himself. The sculpture, created in accordance with the overall contents of ARCHISCULPTURE, emphasises and symbolises the meaning of ARCHISCULPTURE and provides a fun and special visual experience to viewers. In this ARCHISCULPTURE, an ‘Object’ in the shape of a running person can be seen in the bottom centre of the work.

ARCHISCULPTURE 077c(POSCO E&C), 2024. Archival Pigment Print, 46×23 or 120x60cm

Material Mind 015 for POSCO E&C