Final Modification: 27 June 2020

first name: Beomsik
surname: WON


[email protected]

2019 Doctor of Philosophy, HONGIK University, Seoul, Korea
2012 Master of Fine Arts, SLADE School of Fine Art-UCL University, London, UK
2008 Master of Fine Arts, HONGIK University, Seoul, Korea
1998 Bachelor of Fine Arts, KOOKMIN University, Seoul, Korea

2019 [ARCHISCULPTURE 2019] by The Trinity Gallery, LGU+ Gallery C, Seoul, Korea
2018 [ECHO-IMAGE-SENSE], Choi jung ah Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2017 [BEOMSIKWON Photography], Gallery KHAN, Goyang, Korea
2016 [SCENERY 2016], Soohoh Gallery, Seongnam, Korea
2016 [ARCHISCULPTURE 2016], Gallery idm, Busan, Korea
2015 [ARCHISCULPTURE 2015], ILWOO Space, Seoul, Korea
2014 [BEOMSIKWON ART], Cheongju Art Studio Gallery, Cheongju, Korea
2014 [Archisculpture Collage], Soohoh Gallery, Seongnam, Korea
2014 [Archisculpture Antigravity], Gallery NUDA, Daejeon, Korea
2013 [Archisculpture], Toyota Photo Space, Busan, Korea
2013 [Archisculpture], Gallery Lux, Seoul, Korea
2008 [Dimension Finder], Gallery Lux, Seoul, Korea
2006 [On a Journey], Gallery Gainro, Seoul, Korea

2019 [BRICOLAGE], B-tree Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2018 [PILE], Lina Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2017 [WON & CHOI], Iin Gallery, Busan, Korea
2016 [Sharing the Spotlight], Art Space J, Seongnam, Korea
2015 [MAGIC REALISM], S Plus Gallery, Busan, Seoul, Korea

2020 [The 7th Korea International Photo Festival], Seoul Arts Center-Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul, Korea
2020 [Look with Inward Eyes], CHEONGJU MUSEUM OF ART, Cheongju, Korea
2020 [SO, BE. consumption], HANGANG Museum, Namyangju, Korea
2019 [Soohoh Art Concert 2019] by Soohoh Gallery, KOREA DESIGN CENTER, Seongnam, Korea
2019 [448244], ALL THAT CURATING, Seoul, Korea
2019 [DeConstructivism], Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea
2019 [The Memory of Space], Kimchungup Architecture Museum, Anyang, Korea
2019 [Discovery of Play], Gunpo Book Village by Museum SODA, Gunpo, Korea
2018 [Pathway to 11 roads-the five seas and the six continents] by Soohoh Gallery, Seoul Arts Center-Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
2018 [Double Art Christmas] by The Trinity Gallery, LGU+ Gallery C, Seoul, Korea
2018 [MIRACLE CITY 2], The Trinity Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2018 [PHOTO MAY], Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2018 [Clothing Food Space], Art Space J, Seongnam, Korea
2018 [Ilwoo Photography Awards Show 2009-2016], Ilwoo space, Seoul, Korea
2017 [WINDOW SITE 1 – CHEONGJU ART STUDIO collection show], Cheongju Art Studio Gallery, Cheongju, Korea
2017 [The five seas and the six continents], Soohoh Gallery, Seongnam, Korea
2017 [MIXED LIGHTS], SHINSEGAE Gallery Art Wall, Seoul, Korea
2017 [WORLD TOUR] by The Trinity Gallery, U+ ART & HEALING Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2017 [Discovery of Play], SODA Museum, Hwaseong, Korea
2017 [MIRACLE CITY], The Trinity Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016 [HI LIGHT], Gallery Sai, Seoul, Korea
2016 [HOME GROUND], Cheongju Museum of Art, Cheongju, Korea
2016 [Seoul Photo Festival – Seoul New Arirang – Like Thousand Miles of Rivers], Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2016 [Korea, China, Japan exchange exhibition], Korean Craft Museum, Cheongju, Korea
2016 [CROSS OVER], Gallery index, Seoul, Korea
2016 [BOHNCHANG KOO, DAESOO KIM, BEOMSIK WON photo exhibition], Soohoh Gallery, Sungnam, Korea
2016 [BUNDANG ART FESTIVAL], Korea Institute of Design Promotion & Kakao pangyo & Hyundai Department Store Pangyo, Seongnam, Korea
2016 [The Daegu Photo Biennale – main exhibition], Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Daegu, Korea
2016 [Unlimited Limited], Gallery MARK, Seoul, Korea
2016 [Document, The traces of 10 years, The future of the 10 years], Cheongju Art Studio Gallery, Cheongju, Korea
2016 [Art for my home], Art Space J, Seongnam, Korea
2016 [Special Exhibition by Fine Arts Professors, Sookmyung Women’s University], Moonshin Museum, Seoul, Korea
2016 [Soohoh Art Concert], Sungnam Art Centre, Seongnam, Korea
2015 [The stream of Korean contemporary art exhibition – Photography], Gimhae Arts and Sports Center, Gimhae, Korea
2015 [Soohoh Art Concert(The 9th Sharing Love Exhibition)], Hangaram Art Museum 7th room, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2015 [Resight Remind], Gallery Lux, Seoul, Korea
2015 [AMERICAN APERTURE AWARDS, AX3 Show-2nd], Wedge Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2015 [Art Exhibition for Children], Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Wanju, Korea
2015 [Art Space J Show], Art Space J, Seongnam, Korea
2015 [Open Studio Group Show], Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea
2015 [Out There], Miboo Art Center, Busan, Korea
2014 [The 8th Sharing Love Exhibition by Soohoh Gallery], Sungnam Art Centre, Seongnam, Korea
2014 [Post-Photo], Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2014 [Lead_ at this moment], Grimson gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014 [J Collections], Art Space J, Seongnam, Korea
2014 [Cheongju Art Studio 8th New Artist Exhibition], Cheongju Art Studio Gallery, Cheongju, Korea
2014 [AMERICAN APERTURE AWARDS, AX3 Show-1st], Photo Independent, Raleigh Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA
2014 [The 5th Soohoh Gallery New Artists Exhibition], Soohoh Gallery, Seongnam, Korea
2013 [DESIRES], Art Space J, Seongnam, Korea
2013 [Dark to Light] by Karen Marr and Laurence Dreyfus, H.M. Tower of London, London, UK
2013 [The Secret Garden]-CHOI&LAGER Project, LE FUR CHOI, Paris, France
2013 [Other spaces: Re-imagining Architecture], Bosse and Baum Art Chelsea, London, UK
2013 [Candid Arts Exhibition-February Show], Candid Arts Trust, London, UK
2012 [Now X Here]-The 5th UK Korean Artists Exhibition, The Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK
2012 [BRUSH], The Greenwold Art, Concrete in Shoreditch, London, UK
2012 [The Salon Art Prize 2012, 2nd], Griffin Gallery, London, UK
2012 [The Recent Graduates’ Exhibition] by Jessica Hall, Battersea Evolution, London, UK
2012 [The Salon Art Prize 2012, 1st], Matt Roberts Arts Gallery, London, UK
2012 [53 Degrees North Exhibition], The New School House Gallery, York, UK
2012 [MFA Fine Art Degree Show 2012], Slade School Of Fine Art-UCL, London, UK
2012 [The AOP Students Awards 2012 Exhibition], Hoxton Gallery, London, UK
2012 [PLACE NOT FOUND], Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, London, UK
2012 [Map the Korea-4482], Bargehouse Gallery, London, UK
2011 [Slade Interim Show], Woburn Square-UCL, London, UK
2008 [Post-Photo], Hongik Museum of Art & Topohaus Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2007 [Post-Photo], Hongik Museum of Art & Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2005 [The 40th Dong-A Newspaper International Photography Exhibition], Ilmin Museum, Seoul, Korea

2008-present: University Lecturer

Sookmyung Women’s University
Sangmyung University-Seoul
Cheongju University

Hongik University-Seoul
Kookmin University
Daewon University
Sangji Youngseo College

2014-2015 Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea

2013 Winner, The publication Prize of the 5th ILWOO Photo Awards, ILWOO Foundation and HATJE CANTZ, Korea and Germany
2013 Selected, The 5th Soohoh Gallery New Artists Awards, Soohoh Gallery, Korea
2013 The Top 100 Finalists, ART TAKES PARIS, SEE ME, US
2013 The First Prize(Professional Collage Category), AMERICAN APERTURE AWARDS, US
2013 The First Prize, Gallery Lux Emerging Artists Awards, Gallery Lux, Korea
2013 Selected, Candid Arts Exhibition, Candid Arts Trust, UK
2012 Selected, Now X Here : The 5th UK Korean Artists Exhibition, The Korean Cultural Centre, UK
2012 Selected, The Salon Art Prize, Matt Roberts Arts Gallery, UK
2012 Selected, 53 Degrees North Exhibition Award, The New School House Gallery, UK
2012 The MERIT(first) Prize, The AOP(The Association of Photographers in the UK) Students Awards, UK
2005 The Silver(second) Prize, The 40th Dong-A Newspaper International Photography Competition, Korea

2017 [THE INTERIOR POST], No.7, September, ARCHISCULPTURE, Germany
2017 [Cada día un fotógrafo], ARCHISCULPTURE – BEOMSIK WON, Spain
2017 [ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST], Archisculpture: Los edificios IMPOSIBLES de Beomsik WON, Spain
2017 [yatzer], Archisculpture: Surreal Collages of Buildings by Beomsik WON, Worldwide
2017 [PHOTODOT], February, Vol. 39, Special interview, Korea
2016 [VOGUE KOREA], No.241, August, VOGUE20, Korea
2016 [ENERZINE]-KHNP Company Magazine, Vol. 3, Sharing the Spotlight Exhibition, Korea
2016 [Sensation Photography]-Photography Magazine, Vol. 2, Street Photography, Korea
2016 [Sajinyesul]-Photography Magazine, Vol 325, May, Cover and FEATURE1, Korea
2016 [The Age of Collage Vol. 2 by gestalten], Archisculpture, Germany
2015 [Lumas Art Magazine], Issue 2, 2015.2016, Archisculpture, Germany
2015 [Lumas Art Magazine], spring:summer, Archisculpture, Germany
2015 [ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST], Archisculpture, USA
2015 [VORMPLATFORM], Dimension Finder, Netherlands
2015 [DESIGNBOOM], Dimension Finder and Archisculpture, Italy
2015 [TK21], No. 44, Archisculpture Antigravity Review by Jean-Louis POITEVIN, France
2015 [TK21], No. 43, Archisculpture Collage Review by Jean-Louis POITEVIN, France
2014 [HYUNDAE MUNHAK literary magazine], No. 719, November, Cover image, Korea
2014 [Monthly Photo], Vol. 561, October, Live Sketch, Korea
2014 [Monthly Photo], Vol. 558, July, SECRET – Photographer’s special travel destinations, Korea
2014 [CUT OUT FOR COLLAGE] published by INDEX BOOK in Spain
2014 [I.T POST, fashion/creative book published in HK], spring/summer. issue 15, Archisculpture Collage, Hong Kong
2014 [Photo Journal], No. 110, Cover image-Archisculpture Antigravity, Korea
2014 [South Square(law firm in London) DIGEST], February, COVER STORY-Archisculpture Project, UK
2014 [Korean Air Sky News], No. 355, People Interview-Archisculpture Project, Korea
2013 [Korea Broadcasting System-Busan, TV Culture], aired on 05 November, Art Interview-Archisculpture Exhibition, Korea
2013 [PHOTO+], Vol 42, October, Exhibition Review, Archisculpture, Korea
2013 [THEOREME-Houze and Lee Project], September, Website, Interview, UK
2013 [RISE ART], September, Website, SPOTLIGHT ON OUR ARTISTS, UK
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2012 [British Journal of PHOTOGRAPHY], Volume 159, Issue No 7802, July, Archisculpture Project, UK
2012 [THE VISUAL ARTBEAT], Issue 9, May-August, Archisculpture 008 on NEW COLLECTIONS, Austria
2012 [π (Pi)]-Magazine of UCL University, Issue 692 March, Archisculpture Project, UK

Media Appearance
2019 [Her Private Life] tvN TV series, ARCHISCULPTURE, Korea
2019 [The Architectural Review] magazine, issue 1458, ARCHISCULPTURE, UK
2018 [SKY CASTLE] jtbc TV series, ARCHISCULPTURE, Korea
2018 [House full of Happiness] magazine, August, ARCHISCULPTURE, Korea

2015 [BEOMSIK WON-ARCHISCULPTURE] by ILWOO Foundation and HATJE CANTZ, Korea and Germany

Cheongju Museum of Art, Korea
Daegu Art Museum, Korea
DAELIM Museum, Korea
Goeun Museum of Photography, Korea
SODA Museum, Korea
Ilwoo Space, Korea
Law Firm South Square, UK
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Bank, Korea
Gallery Art Space J, Korea
Gallery KHAN, Korea
Gallery MODS, Korea
Gallery Soohoh, Korea
Gallery The Trinity, Korea
Gallery UNION, UK
Numerous Private Collections