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Digest(February 2014) of the law firm South Square and Archisculpture Project


Archisculpture Project was featured in the South Square Digest(Cover Story), February 2014.

Recent visitors to South Square’s reception and conference suite will have noticed a series of new artworks on the walls. These photo-montages, by the Korean artist Beomsik Won, are part of the ‘Archisculpture Project’ he was inspired to create as a student at the Slade School of Art, when he was much taken by the eclectic variety of London architecture.
Beomsik felt that simply to photograph the buildings he admired individually would only amount to a database,
when what he sought was a creative response to his experiences in the city. By collaging images together, he has created a series of fantastical architectural structures, piled high with a baroque mix of features, styles and functions.
Moreover, not content with confining himself to London’s architecture, Beomsik has extended his work to absorb distinctive architectural styles from other UK cities, most notably Edinburgh.
In all his collages, as you can see from some of images reproduced here and on the front page of the Digest courtesy of Beomsik Won/TAG Fine Arts 2014, Beomsik has dismantled the cityscape as we normally perceive it, and has reimagined it not as a series of independently perfected buildings but as the sum of its parts structured in a new way.
Beomsik has also designed a unique photo-montage for South Square (see the front cover of this issue of the Digest), based on a number of buildings of legal significance in London. The buildings include the High Court, the Rolls Building, Gray’s Inn and 3-4 South Square.

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