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The brochure and photos of the Vestfossen 2016 main exhibition


WON, Beomsik’s ARCHISCULPTURE PROJECT features imaginary structures consisting of fragments of many different buildings brought together to form one integral architectural sculpture. The project could almost be seen to fit with the view of the city as ‘phantasmagoria’, as envisaged by Walter Benjamin’s Flâneur figure. The aesthetic and historical aspect of each building is taken apart and pieced back together with foreign elements, creating a fusion of style and identity that also reflects on today’s urban profile. As well as conforming to the aesthetic requirements of an artwork, the dismantling and collage of cityscapes gives new meaning to our notion of space, time and identity.

WON, Beomsik’s images serve as a sociopolitical documentation of urban changes that characterize the big cities of today’s fast-evolving world. Together they form a spatial autobiography dealing with questions of places, images and meanings. The city is constantly changing and what is there today may no longer be tomorrow. The possibility of its ephemeral existence may confer on a place historical importance and emotional value. Spatial history is then not only a record of these changes but also the subjective interpretation of the physical space in accordance with emotions and experiences we associate with particular places of our memory.

the photos of the exhibition by Nina Ansten, thanks.

VESTFOSSEN Kunstlaboratorium