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Auction schedule: 30 April 2022(Sat) – 10 May 2022(Tue)
Actual artworks exhibition: Premium Auction Exhibition Hall at K-Auction in Seoul
Auction: K-Auction website

경매일정: 2022년 4월 30일(토) ~ 2022년 5월 10일(화)
실제작품전시: 케이옥션 신사동 프리미엄 경매 전시장
경매: 케이옥션 홈페이지 진행

The starting price for this ARCHISCULPTURE auction is the gallery price.(gallery usually buys works for half price) If you don’t have any competitors, this is a great opportunity, not many, for art collectors to buy ARCHISCULPTURE artworks for half the market price.

That’s the magic of auctions!

However, if there are so many competitors that you may purchase it at a higher price than the original market price. But don’t worry. After that point, no one can buy the same work for less than the price you bought it.

Maybe you already know the market price of ARCHISCULPTURE, but you may have deliberately bought my work at a high price to support me.
Thank you very much for that.