Exhibition in London

Karen Marr and Laurence Dreyfus have pleasure in inviting you to the preview evening of
H. M. Tower of London’s first ever curated fine art exhibition

Beomsik WON, James Turrell, J.M.W. Turner, Albrecht Dürer, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Monique Frydman

영국 [타워오브런던]에서 열린 최초의 미술전
원범식, 제임스 터렐, 윌리엄 터너, 알브레히트 뒤러, 히로시 스기모토, 모니크 프리드먼

Archisculpture 013, 2012. photographic print, 171x120cm

Dark to Light

Tours around 2 Tower Green and the Jewel House

Show will be on from 14th May – 28th June 2013
By appointment only

H.M. Tower of London, London EC3N 4AB