ARCHISCULPTURE Original Ground 2022

‘Original Ground’ is a new ARCHISCULPTURE project. Unlike existing ARCHISCULPTUREs that were usually installed on the grass and emphasized sculptural elements, this new work uses the ground on which the building was built as it is, focusing on the meaning of architecture and place rather than artistic elements. This ‘Original Ground’ presents a small but condensed foundation to understand the socio-cultural context of the architectures collected in the city. Lanes, construction materials, signs, traffic lights, and cars on the road, advertising boards, and pedestrians walking on sidewalks are themselves connected to ARCHISCULPTURE to create a documentary with richer facts.

René Descartes viewed as beautiful the order and coherency of structures designed by a single architect; the purpose of the ARCHISCULPTURE Photo Project, however, is to create architectural sculptures by collaging photographs of diverse architectures from various architects. Therefore, ARCHISCULPTURE is both similar and different to the organic romanticism of ancient cities built through the works of numerous architects, for they represent the artist’s subjective interpretation and selection regarding various architects’ numerous designs. If there is the ‘punctum’ in photography then clearly architectures used here will in a certain way be the artist’s ‘punctum’ and their assemblage will be the ARCHISCULPTURE. This work may also locate and bring together structures with political, economic, or social significance, so viewers may feel the illusion of a metropolis through the ‘studium’. Like collectors who arrange and classify their acquisitions with great care, the artist analyses selected city fragments gathered from here and there and creates sculptures with them. At this time, collaged architectures in the work are reborn as one beautiful sculpture retaining architectures’ diachronic or synchronic histories or encompassing all. As Russian film director Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein explained in relation to the montage technique, meanings that did not exist in each scene are newly created in the edited and interconnected whole. The collaging employed in the process of making ARCHISCULPTURE also creates new meanings that have not been read in individual architectures while combining multiple buildings. However, in any case, if we look at the work as it is, this work is a non-existent sculpture work with an architectural appearance, and the photograph that seems to have taken it is ARCHISCULPTURE.

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